International Military Pilgrimages

(1.) International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes

20.000 soldiers from 34 nations on the 55. "International Military Pilgrimage to Lourdes" - so that they can then shoot with a clear conscience:  Click here!

(2.) International Military Protestant Convention

Rassemblement International Militaire Protestant (RIMP) à Méjannes Le Clap, France - click here

Military Chaplains Conferences

(1.) The "International Military Chiefs of Chaplains Conference" an organization of the principal leaders of the national groups of military chaplains - Paid by the military: here!

(2.) Common Military Maneuvers of the Chaplains

Military Chaplains with weapons and military uniforms in military vehicles. Here.

(3.) Allied Air Force Europe Chaplaincy Consultative Committee (AAFECCC)

The NAFCCC (NATO Air Force Chaplains Consultative Committee) is thus the oldest international conference of military chaplains within NATO, still earlier than Allied Air Forces in Europe Chaplaincy Consultative Committee.Here.